A Banter of Sorts…

Welcome to beauty banter… your one-stop information super highway of all things beauty. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself, as I’m sure you all are wondering, “Who am I?”
Who am I, you ask? And why should you listen to my so-called expert advice? Well, lets see: I am a self-proclaimed beauty whore; I own at least 1,500 products (tucked away in massive storage bins around my house); ever since I was a child I have prayed to the Gods of all things beauty related; and lastly, I grew up in the beauty industry. My father owns renowned New York City hair salon, Pierre Michel and I have for over two decades been privied to an industry where hair and make-up, facials and manicures were just as prevalent as Sunday night take-out and a movie. As I entered my teen years, my father bought French make-up company, Make-Up Forever and introduced vibrant color to the United States. As you can imagine, to a beauty addict, this was more exciting then the proverbial kid in a candy store. I spent a summer in New York working with the make-up company on product development. In short, this meant that I got to cruise the make-up counters of Barney’s, Bergdorf’s and Saks, picking out the most sought after products and colors for my target market. Not a bad way to spend a Summer day… Unfortunately, dad wasn’t as keen on make-up as moi and he eventually sold the company to a man who then sold it to Estee Lauder (ugh!!!). I spent a couple of years writing freelance for various publications like efashion.com, LA Confidential, Mean Magazine and travel/ destination magazine, Baja Life (I had a bi-monthly beauty column in the mag). But my real dream lay in creating my own line… So I took the next natural step: I developed a hair care line – high end organic without sacrificing function and performability. This venture – also known as my beloved child LUCID -is my passion project. Five long, arduous years in the making.
Stay tuned, as Lucid hits the hairwaves sometime very, very soon…
So ask away you beauty addicts…. ask, and I shall answer! It’s fun and easy! Just join the blog, post comments and questions or EMAIL US
OUR VOW TO YOU: Everything beauty, everyday.


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