$$$ MILLION dollar hair $$$

I often quip that I’ve spent close to a million dollars on my hair. But if you think about it, this isn’t such a far-fetched estimate. I do confess that I have pretty fabulous locks, but beauty doesn’t come without a price tag. Like every other self-proclaimed hair fanatic, my hair can actually be more high maintenance then me.
Case in point:

1: Sadly, the color is not au natural (shocker!). Thus, I am forced to visit my colorist every four to six weeks for a little color maintenance. Price tag – full head of highlights; $350.00

2: Although I don’t often blow dry my hair (I do prefer the au natural in this department), striving for the perfect curl can be rather pricey. So products become a daily routine. FAVORITES: Leonor Greyl Restructuring Shampoo for Permed and Curly Hair; Ojon Conditioning Shine Serum; Kerastase Masquintense for Dry and Fine Hair; John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves; Bio Ionic Smoothing Paddle Brush. Price tag – about $200.00/ month.

3: Achieving the layered effect helps to maintain those perfect ringlets. But layers cost money. Thus, I need to trim my hair at least once every other month. Price tag – $150.00

Share your high maintenance hair routine!!! Tell us what products work to create your perfect do!


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