From the LIPS of Ms. Kaycee Flinn…

My fabulous and foxy friend, Kaycee Flinn, wants to share her new beauty discovery with our blog readers. SO, here it is:
BELLA IL FIORE LIP TINT!!! This is my new favorite beauty product. I am not a big fan of wearing make-up, especially lip stick and gooey lip gloss. So for me, my lips were bare naked until one day as I was going through my pile of gift bags, I discovered lip tint that isn’t thick and gooey, doesn’t taste bad, and doesn’t have the feel of lipstick. It lasts while giving you the natural, beautiful look that we all want. It’s changed my life (or at least that of my lips). I swear by it (as does my boyfriend) and you will too!!!”
Bella Il Fiore Double Agent Lip Tint comes in three rocking shades…
Here is Kaycee wearing tint number 002.



And the Beauty Emmy Goes To…

Heidi Klum

An unprecedented amount of emails came through voting Heidi Klum the Emmy’s number one HOTTIE!!!

Runner up would have to be… Evangeline Lilly!

As for my comments, lets see… Ellen Pompeo looks a little too botoxed, Tyra Banks looks like she’s got spiders crawling on her eyes, Jamie Presley’s fake and bake is brutally noticeable, Sandra Oh looks bored and tired, Tina Fey’s rocking a crazy buffant, Eva Longoria is too hyped (not into her very typical and of-the-moment facade) and Geena Davis looks pale as a ghost (she could use some of Jamie’s mystic tan…)
As for Katherine Heigl, Maria Menounos and Debra Messing… they’re looking pretty damn fine!

My personal choice for winner would have to be…

Love HIM!!!

2006 Emmy Beauty Awards!!!!

While everyone in Hollywood is talking about the most stellar performances, and everyone in New York is talking about the fashion, we here at Beauty Banter are talking about the beauty!
“And the Nominee’s for most beautiful hair and make-up are:”
(in alphabetical order)

Debra Messing

Ellen Pompeo

Eva Longoria

Evangeline Lilly

Geena Davis

Heidi Klum

Jaime Pressly

Katherine Heigl

Maria Menounos

Sandra Oh

Tina Fey

Tyra Banks

“And the Beauty Emmy goes to…”
YOU DECIDE! Either leave a comment HERE or
EMAIL US with your choice…
I’ll be back tomorrow at some point with the results… and, of course, some of my own comments!

"100 New Beauty Rules You Need To Know For Autumn"

In the August 21 edition of British tabloid mag, Grazia, there is a brilliant article entitled, “100 New Beauty Rules You Need To Know For Autumn.” This is a must-read for any true beauty whore! Unfortunately, the article isn’t linked on line, but the glossy can be purchased from any major newstand (and I highly suggest that you spend the $4.75 to read the review!)
The article is jam packed with useful trends, tips and products for Fall.
To highlight a few:
“Buy a pink blush”
“Eyeliner’s back!”
“Purple reigns” (as in eyeshadow)
“The new lip shade: geranium”
“Say good-bye to beach hair (this season, “it’s back to looking like you’ve just stepped out of the salon,” says Kate Moss’s stylist, James Brown”(I’ve gotta say that this tip came in quite useful the other night as I was getting ready for a party, debating on how to wear my hair. For the first time in a year, I actually blew out my hair… and I was inundated with compliments. Hence, I’ve been blow drying on a more frequent basis).
“Get creative with ponytails”
“Lashes must be clump-free”(Duh!)
“Try the new nude lips”
“Keep nails short and dark” (again, love this trend as I ONLY wear dark polish!)
“Go brunette”
“Matte skin is in”

The entire article rocks, so if you want a copy, Email me with your email address and I will try and scan the article and send it to you! It’s THAT good!


For the most part, I stay away from red (red clothing, red make-up, red hair – my colorist actually says that the two hardest tones to strip from the hair are red and black – but there I go again digressing…). After all, red is a tough color to rock. Disaster is practically certain. But we’ve found the Bentley of all lip and cheek colors – Poppy by Stila. This creamy convertible compact adds the perfect hue to any skin tone – natural and sheer enough so that you won’t feel like Strawberry Shortcake or a bleeding (we’re talking lip color here!) Courtney Love.

I’ve gotta say that I wear this color almost everyday… my friend Caroline turned me onto the compact and since then, I’ve been rocking the red on my lips and cheeks… either alone (very daytime) or layered with other products to create an edgier, rock and roll look.
Here’s my girl Caroline and myself, both donning a touch of poppy:

To use: Dot on cheekbones and blend upwards. Apply with lipbrush or finger tips to lips and pat with a tissue. For an evening look, apply a clear gloss on top of the red stain.

Cameron Diaz is a fan too! She donned the look in CHARLIE’S ANGELS. Source.

Paradise Found

My mini-vacation proved successful. I am now properly de-stressed and recharged. Three days spent sunbathing, surfing, swimming and jet skiing helped to decompress but the real kicker were the private massages and manicure/ pedicures.

Like any true beauty whore, vacation treatments are a must especially when traveling in an exotic locale. For me, the Four Seasons Spa in Los Angeles gives the most heavenly hot-stone massage (although I do believe that this service is provided in all Four Seasons Spas across the globe). For mani/pedi’s, I’ve gotta give it to the ladies at the Isle de France in St. Barths. Not only is the pedicure perfection, the view is pretty stunning too (they do it on the deck overlooking the Caribbean Ocean). For straight up spas, I am obsessed with this place in Ibiza, Spain (the name has escaped me), where you pay around twenty-five Euros and you are granted access into their facility, which includes hot and cold pools and a Eucalyptus steam room that must be at least 500 degrees (only a slight exaggeration, I assure you). The ambiance is so peaceful and the décor is reminiscent of a Moroccan palace.
I love to travel – and I do so whenever the opportunity arises… but this most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is definitely on the top of my list…. Just look at the views….

What’s your SHELF-LIFE?

I came across this interesting article about make-up and it’s shelf-life… Who knew? Like fruits and vegies, condoms and cold medicine (random grouping, I know), even make-up has a shelf-life!

So here are some pointers as to when to clean out your grimey make-up bag…

Brushes – wash every 2-3 months – try cleaning with Vincent Longo’s Hygienic Professional Brush Cleaner– removes dirt and disinfects (like anti-bacterial handsoap!)
Concealer – up to 12 months
Eyeliner – 3 years, but sharpen on a regular basis
Eyeshadow – 3 years
Foundation – water-based, 12 months; oil-based, 18 months
Lipliner – up to 3 years
Lipstick – 1-2 years say some, 4 years say others
Mascara – 4 months
Nail Polish – up to 12 months
Powder – 2 years
Sponges – 1 month but wash weekly


P.S. I am leaving for a mini-vacation (much-needed) to Mexico where I will be relaxing and soaking the rays (with sunblock, of course – current favorite – M.D. Forte Environmental Protection Cream SPF 30 for face), so I will write upon my return – Monday or Tuesday!
Have a BEAUTY-full weekend!!!!

P.P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the lip-gloss challenge… so stay tuned!