Is your skin as parched as your body? Summer has a tendency to lead to dehydration (especially with this epic heat wave sweeping the nation…). I always make sure to moisturize – constantly – and to drink liters and liters of bottled water. But a true beauty secret that helps elimintate dehydration is on that I’ve been using for years. Hidden beneath a non-descript tin jar and costing a measley $5.50 is this week’s MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT: Rosebud Salve – it’s the cure all for anything chapped…

A word (more like several…) from the company:
Founded in 1892, the Rosebud Perfume Company set out with a simple mission: To provide simple, multi-usage products that are both affordable and effective. With the creation of the world famous, cult-favorite Rosebud Salve that boasts to be the cure-all for a wide array of skin ailments from blemishes to chapped lips to dry elbows, the family run Rosebud Perfume Company has solidified its place in cosmetic history.

Personally, I use Rosebud on my eyes to make them look bright and glossy and my cheekbones to give them a little natural-looking shine. Good for brittle cuticles and of course, fabulous for dry lips!!!
The models slather it on their skin prior to a photo-shoot because it adds the right amount of glisten…
Try it… you’ll be gald you glossed – guaranteed!


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