A Helping Hand…

Jackie O reportedly commisioned New York apothecary, Cambridge Chemists, to order 100 tubes of this British hand cream. After importing the cream for the American heiress, Cambride Chemists decided to carry the lotion and sell it (for a pricey $17.50 for 70ml) to the average folk. They are the only store in the United States (sans online vendors) to distribute the self-proclaimed “One and All” complete treatment for hand and nails(somebody correct me if I’m wrong here…). Innoxa Hand Cream is a unique product in that it isn’t oily and greasy like most lotions, yet it still effectively moisturizes, protects and softens the skin (and it’s said that it actually promotes nail growth!).
A word (or several…) from the company:
“One and all hand cream is a major advance in hand and nail treatment. It’s unique moisturising ingredients and rich nourishing proteins strengthen nails, improve cuticles and soften hands. Not tested on animals and hypoallergenic.”
So I’ve tested this product and here are my results:
The fragrance is non-obtrusive.
The cream definitely works to moisturize without leaving a greasy film behind.
With continued use, it did in fact improve the horrific state of my nails.
It’s absolutely not neccesary to re-apply a gazillion times a day (like other hand creams).
Product Rating: 8 out of 10.
I suggest that you walk – make that run – to your nearest online vendor and purchase a tube. Your hands will thank you…



The template is really going crazy right now… must have something to do with the extreme LA heat…
Try cooling off with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir!

Smells yummy, feels fresh and minimizes pores!

THOSE EYES… Revealed!

And the winner is…
So sad to say that not ONE SINGLE PERSON guessed all seven celebrity eyes correctly…
But here they are anyhow (in order):
Jessica Alba
Marilyn Monroe
Jessica Simpson
Kelly Lebrok
Elizabeth Taylor
Kate Moss

Better luck next time!

Blow Dryer to die for

No winners yet! Is the famous eyes challenge really that hard? I’ll give you a clue. Here is number *3*…JESSICA SIMPSON!!!

As for some beauty banter, I’m still really into straight, blown out hair, so while you all guess away, check out this awesome blow-dryer, complete with three different sized attachment brushes and ION energy! Vidal Sassoon’s Fast Dry, Professional Styling Dryer, 1875W VS540.I’m a huge fan of the dryer as it cuts down my straightening from hours to minutes…. literally. And with the ion power, it doesn’t dry out your hair! ALSO, make sure to always use a styling product prior to blow drying to safe-guard your hair. Try Bumble & Bumble Prep. Besides acting as a detangler, it also provides protection against heat from a blow dryer or flat iron!
What’s your pre-blow-out product of choice?


Okay, that was too easy! Yes, Yes, Yes, the famous eyes were Mona Lisa. Now, I propose a challenge: guess these 7 famous eyes in order… whomever gets them ALL correct WINS! (the prize is to be determined – but it will have to do with a personal pic and profile exclusively on Beauty Banter!!!)
Good luck and have a BEAUTYfull day!









Check out this eye cream review… Click Here. It rates eye cream in categories of:
ability to improve dark circles and puffiness, long term effectiveness for treating dark circle, ability to strengthen eyelid capilaries, ability to smooth, firm and delayskin cell aging, and ability to improve eyelid wrinkles and fine lines. In total, 30 eye products were put to the test. The best score, 5 superiors, wasn’t won by any eye cream but one particular product did score a 4 out of 5.
So check to see what they say about your favorite eye cream and leave your rants and raves here! (FYI – my fave eye cream isn’t even mentioned on this list… hmmm, we might need to have our OWN, more extensive eye cream review sometime in the very near future.)
ALSO, can you guess these famous eyes (below)? This is a REALLY easy one…
Leave your answer in the comment portion of the blog – first one to guess the correct answer wins!


I’m pretty psycho when it comes to my skin (I’ve actually had a couple of dermatologists ask me to find medical advice elsewhere…). Ever since my mother unknowingly offered me a magnifying mirror as a young child (the kind that lights up and magnifies your pores to the size of small craters…), I’ve been a picker. I know, it’s not a good look. But the smallest imperfection leaves me obsessive and totally insane. I don’t try many different face products… in fact, up until recently, I didn’t even use face cream (always eye cream, however).

But then a friend told me about Jurlique’s Calendula Cream (she hyped it by saying that Michelle Pfeiffer (right) swears by the products… and hey, lets be honest here, Michelle has fab skin!) and I’ve been hooked. The Australian based company uses all natural, fragrance free ingredients. It’s ideal for sensitive skin types (like mine). The calendula cream can be used as a face moisturizer or a cream for any chapped area of your body. It smells divine and works like a dream – never oily or greasy, always soothing and fresh leaving your skin glowing like a light bulb!
A word (or several…) from the company:
Calendula Cream is a powerful moisturiser for any skin type. Contains a high percentage of Calendula extract, which soothes and calms the skin. Calendula Cream is an excellent moisturiser for chapped or sun exposed skin.
Hey, if it’s good enough for Michelle Pfeiffer, it’s good enough for us!
Try it and let us know your thoughts!!!