Kate the Great????

Kate, So Great!!!

If you open any current fashion magazine, images of Kate Moss are bound to flood the advertising pages. From Burberry to Rimmel, Kate the Great is back with a bang. Who cares if she snorted an eight ball up her nose? Kate Moss is one sexy thirty-something, single mother with spectacular style and killer looks!
Or is she?
I am an ardent Moss fan, but I’ve gotta say, as of late, I’m a little disappointed in our waif. Granted, with a penchant for the wild life, one is bound to crease around the edges but honey, buy yourself some eye cream!!! After all, you’re a model… in lame mans terms, this means that you are sexier, hotter, skinnier and more fabulous then us common folk. This is why YOU get paid the big bucks! So start acting like it!

Kate, So Great???

What happened to our little waif?
Please, tell the beauty whore!!!!


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