From the LIPS of Ms. Kaycee Flinn…

My fabulous and foxy friend, Kaycee Flinn, wants to share her new beauty discovery with our blog readers. SO, here it is:
BELLA IL FIORE LIP TINT!!! This is my new favorite beauty product. I am not a big fan of wearing make-up, especially lip stick and gooey lip gloss. So for me, my lips were bare naked until one day as I was going through my pile of gift bags, I discovered lip tint that isn’t thick and gooey, doesn’t taste bad, and doesn’t have the feel of lipstick. It lasts while giving you the natural, beautiful look that we all want. It’s changed my life (or at least that of my lips). I swear by it (as does my boyfriend) and you will too!!!”
Bella Il Fiore Double Agent Lip Tint comes in three rocking shades…
Here is Kaycee wearing tint number 002.



Alice + Olivia Designer Bears All Things Beauty

My fabulous friend and designer extraordinaire, Stacey Bendet of fashion powerhouse Alice + Olivia, has kindly offered her definition of beauty… from the outside inward…

“I could tell you I swear by La Mer.
I could tell you I swear by Avene (an incredible French cold cream now sold at Duane Reade).
I could even tell you when it’s cold and dry I swear by good old Vaseline.
But the real skin secret is that the skin (everyone’s skin) is truly an exterior representation of our insides -what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe… and while the hedonists amongst the beauty blog readers might revolt, the best way to “get the glow” is by maintaining a healthy vitamin rich diet and a regular exercise (yoga!) routine.
When I was 15, I would get hives constantly. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my skin was burning off. My parents sent me to dermatologist after dermatologist, we changed detergents, we changed lotions, shampoos, everything… Nothing worked. Until I was sent to an allergist who figured out that I was allergic to several foods such as eggs and tomatoes and soy. He suggested an extreme change in diet (um, yes, I did spend the first 15 years of my life thinking that rice krispie treats and fruit loops were dietary staples!) The diet consisted of plain, all natural foods without additives and obviously without the foods my body was treating as toxins.
Within a few weeks, my hives were gone, my skin was clear, and within a few months I realized that I no longer had headaches or stomach aches. The change in diet and attention to food made me realize, at a young age, how everything we ingest affects how we feel internally and how we look externally. It also made me hyper aware of how foods affected how I felt both physically and mentally. More than ten years later I still keep to a very organic and simple vegetarian diet. My friends will attest to the fact that I never break out, my skin is often described as glowing, and I rarely get sick.
Although I am not a follower of a raw food diet, there are some principles that really teach you how foods affect your cellular health and in effect, how they affect your skin and body. Most people spend their day eating and drinking what can be described as radicals and toxins. Examples are meats, coffee, alcohol, sugars… these are all things that are difficult for the body to break down and harmful to your body’s cells. Conversely, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and teas that are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants helping to refuel, recharge, and refurbish. The body uses vitamins and minerals to nourish our organs, such as our hair, eyes and skin. Clear, glowing skin, strong nails and bright eyes are all signs of a healthy, well-nourished body. No matter how much cream you use or botox you do, at the end of the day, you need to pamper your insides just as you do your outside! A great book to read on all of this is EATING FOR BEAUTY by David Wolfe.”


SUPERFOODS for the skin.
-GREENS (broccoli, spinach, seaweed, kale).
-BERRIES- berries are high in antioxidants that counteract free radicals that age the skin; blueberries are one of the most concentrated.
-SPROUTS & PAPAYA-some of the foods with the highest concentration of enzymes which help cellular growth and digestion.
**avoid foods heavy in fat and foods that are toxic to the body like meats and processed foods. Also, remember that overly cooked foods lose the majority of their nutritional value while raw or slightly cooked foods maintain a much higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to refuel.
-GREEN TEA-my favorite is genmaicha, it is great for you skin and your immune system.
**Avoid coffee, soda, and diet drinks.

EXERCISE-Yoga and sex are great for the glow.
FACIALS-Monthly basic facials, peels, etc… I like the SkinCareLab in NYC.
MOISTURIZE- La Mer and Avene are my favorites, but Vaseline really does wonders for super chapped skin.
WEAR SUNBLOCK-the sun is the WORST thing you can do to your skin. If you want to look like your Balenciaga bag at age 30, keep tanning. If not, I swear by Anthelios a French sun block, (30, 50, or 60!) It’s not greasy and it’ll save you many a wrinkle! Get your glow with a little bronzer.

MSM Beauty Crystals (sulfur based vitamin)
Vitamin E
Vitamin B
Vitamin C

Hair HORROR Stories….

We’ve all been there before…. Frightened and anxious as the swivled chair rotates around and we are faced with our reflection in the massive mirror. The hair dresser utters some inaudible, French (tres jolie!) and we are meant to coo in adoration. But sometimes, as rare as it may be, we are turned around in that chair only to discover that we don’t recognize the HAIR that’s gawking back at us! Welcome to victims of a hair trauma…
Here is a fantastic hair horror story shared by my hair-crazed friend, Jenny Cohen:
More or less in her own words –
“I went to Oscar Blondie to get my hair colored and when they washed the color off I could tell that it lacked a brightness. There was no definitive hair color (i.e. blonde, brunette, auburn, etc.) that I could categorize my new mane. It lacked everything. I looked insipid, ashy and sullen. It literally looked like a beige couch. Not only had my base been lifted to match my skintone exactly and provide no contrast, the highlights were ashy and beige. I told him that this wasn’t what I asked for and he said, “well beige is the new blonde.” I replied, “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” Meanwhile, crying and hiding my beige disaster, I came home and immediately jumped into the shower. I washed my hair nearly six times to try and strip the color – to the point that the cuticle was inflamed and my hair was puffy and my fingers were pruned. By the third day I actually took draino and poured it on my locks in an attempt to reverse the effects of the colorist. It worked to strip the color, but it also broke the rest of my hair to pieces.”

I’m sure that you all are wondering, with a psycho hair freak such as Jenny, what products does she actually trust to put on her beloved tressles.
Jenny’s favorite hair products:
Kerastase Oleo-Relax Ultimate Controlling Elixer Serum – “This is the only oil product that doesn’t dull my color. It gives more texture to the color on the ends. It creates more of a golden sheen. Only apply on dry hair to the ends. Use less then a dime size,” cautions Jenny.
Kerastase Mini Travel Set #2 Shampoo and Conditioner for thick hair, Masqueintense – available at salon’s that carry the ENTIRE line, only. This is very hard to come by. Jenny says, “Make sure the label reads, ‘Made in Spain’ to ensure that the product is authentic.” “I only use the travel size products after a trip to Miami where my hair, texture and color looked more vibrant and healthy when using the travel set. I believe that the ingredients in the travel sized products is more potent then the larger, mass-produced sizes,” explains Jenny.
Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo for Dry, Damaged, Color-Treated Hair – “This is the only shampoo that I will alterante Kerastase with. It actually strips the hair, thus brightening it, because it is such a strong shampoo. With the avocado oil, it’s better for humidity because it weighs the hair down,” says Jenny.
Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Conditioner – “I only use the product in the bottle, not in the jar because I don’t like the way the jar looks. I’m not experiemental with products because using a product that contains the wrong ingredients can ruin my hair. I use this conditioner once a month, only in California where the water is softer. It strengthens the hair, prevents breakage and brings the color back to its true state.”
Mason Pearson Child’s Sensitive Hair Brush – “I use this brush when I travel to detangle and distribute oils because it doesn’t contain any nylon brisstles. Nylon’s plastic so it breaks the hair if it’s not first detangled.”
Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush – “I use this brush after the detangling brush to massage the scalp. And then I get into the shower and I wash my hair.”
Jenny swears by only washing her hair every three to four days. “Only have a professional blow it out,” she says. “If you do it yourself, you are bound to break the hair. This is one of the times when it’s imperative to ‘not try this at home.’”
P.S. “If you want some lift in your hair, brush it upside down with a round brush and bend the ends,” adds Jenny.
Tell us YOUR hair horror stories!